Maevana Bridal Gowns will be at Bluebell Bridal for our Trunk Show 8 – 20 April

The Laelia gown is cut from a structured almost paper like duchess silk, which has a beautiful subtle pearl finish to it. This fabrication allows for wonderful shape and texture. The sleeves are elasticated for ease of a drop shoulder, with the cuff finished off by a delicate silk bind and button closure.

With a structured free floating fit from the body, the Laelia gown gives you room to play with your look – bring her waist in with our belt, or drop the sleeves and change from a square to straight neckline. The inner corset lifts the form for a supported fit with or without the sleeves, allowing the dress to sit free from the form and not press down on the bust from above.


– Corseted inner bodice for bust fit

– Open back with bowtie up back

– Invisible zip

– Free-floating external gown for comfort and fit


The inner corset runs fitted and is boned to hold shape. There is a band closure built into the corset back to allow for a snug fit and stop the top from moving if worn with the drop sleeve.


– 100% duchess silk outer and lining

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