Meet Our Team


Bluebell Bridal®, which was founded in 2012, was born out of my love and ambition to provide unforgettable experiences and beautiful gowns for the most important moments in life. We all know that these moments are the ones we never forget. Having travelled extensively, I was inspired by various cultures, people, and fashion trends while working on a luxury  hotel in-room hardcover book. However, it was fashion that quickly became my passion and obsession. From a young age, I eagerly awaited the monthly publication of fashion magazines, which ignited my love for fashion. In hindsight, I believe that fashion is the ultimate expression of culture, self, and personality – it’s your very own portrait to the world. The pinnacle of this fashion portrait is the bridal gown, which became my focus after spending 11 years contracting to Modern Wedding. I realized that finding and wearing your wondrous dress is a life journey you never forget.

With direct experience working with international bridal design houses, I founded Bluebell Bridal® to elevate and revolutionise the bridal dress buying experience. Our goal is to make this journey joyful, beautiful, and memorable for you, the bride.

We want to provide you with the most expressive and personal garment of your life – your own portrait. I invite you to join myself and my team on your bridal journey.

Together, let’s create a truly unforgettable memory that you will cherish and always look back on with smiles and joy.


Meet Shenali, our extraordinary Salon Manager who is adored by all. With her lifelong love for fashion, Shenali holds an Associate Degree in Fashion Design and Technology from RMIT, as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science in Fashion Technology. Over the past seven years (now into 8) at Bluebell Bridal, Shenali’s styling skills have been finely crafted, as she has assisted numerous brides in finding their perfect gown. Shenali’s dedication is truly inspiring, as she takes the time to truly listen and understand your preferences, ensuring that you have a gown that reflects your unique personality. Her expertise in various gown styles will accompany you throughout your entire bridal journey, making your experience unforgettable.


Meet Emily, our exceptional Alterations Manager who has obtained an Advanced Diploma of Fashion Design and Fabric Technology with distinction from Kangan Institute. Affectionately known as the bride whisperer, Emily has a unique ability to make each bride feel like the only one in the world. Her passion for fabric, fashion, and sewing was instilled in her at a young age by her grandmother, known as Oma Irmgard, who taught her the art of sewing. With years of experience, Emily approaches each gown with empathy and meticulousness, ensuring the perfect fit with calm and grace. Whether it’s expertly altering a dress or helping a bride find her dream gown, Emily is dedicated to making every bride feel beautiful and confident on her special day. Trust in Emily to bring your vision to life and make your wedding dress dreams come true.


Meet Mark, the skilled expert at Bluebell Bridal who excels in the art of styling, designing, and alterations to meet the comprehensive needs of brides. With a Bachelor’s degree in design from LCI Melbourne and a Masters in Fashion Design from RMIT University, Mark’s expertise is second to none. His meticulous attention to detail and passion for fabric, combined with his innate sense of design, result in flawlessly fitted gowns. Expect nothing less than a truly unforgettable experience with Mark, as he brings smiles and ensures the perfect fit for each and every bride. And don’t forget to enjoy his wonderful sense of humour along the way.


In 2023, Tia became a valuable addition to the Bluebell Bridal team as a bridal stylist on a casual basis. Her meticulous attention to detail also extends to assisting with quality control. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design at RMIT, Tia has always had a passion for fashion. At the tender age of six, she dreamt of being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but soon realized that becoming an angel was a challenging path. Instead, she found her calling in design. Tia’s unique ability to bring joy to brides is evident in her keen eye for style and her talent for encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones and try something new, just as she once did.